Sales director Clair Gunning-Stitt gives Dominic Sacco a rundown of the business…

Exertis MSE interview: Thinking outside the box

Exertis MSE is not just a home entertainment and tech distributor – the firm also offers a host of IT, sales, marketing and other solutions, plus it’s just signed its first brand partnership with gaming tablet Wikipad. Sales director Clair Gunning-Stitt gave PCR a rundown of the business…

From DVDs and Blu-rays to music CDs, games, toys and tech, MSE Group supplies a strong selection of margin-making products.

Not only that, but Exertis MSE – sister company of Exertis Gem and Exertis Micro-P – says it’s more than just a distributor. And it has the backing to prove it. It’s owned by parent firm Exertis – which has revenues of €13 billion and employs over 9,800 people in 13 countries – and MSE supplies Amazon, Asda, HMV, independents and more.

The company has more than 30 years of experience, with warehouses in Dublin, Belfast and Warrington, plus a London office, with over 90,000 sq ft in combined space.

“MSE wants to deliver a suite of tailored services to our clients that drive growth, to give our customers a competitive advantage,” sales director Clair Gunning-Stitt told PCR.

“It’s our goal to work with our customers to offer consumer loyalty and drive increased consumer spend."

“We’re a home entertainment distributor but we offer full services to our clients: tailored solutions, online solutions, digital solutions, market and business analysis, product analysis, sales and marketing, merchandising fulfilment, product procurement, financial integration, distribution operations, IT fulfilment. So as you can see, we offer a lot.”


One new product that Exertis MSE is offering is the Wikipad – a tablet designed for gaming that’s on sale now. It boasts 16GB of storage, an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and a database of over 100,000 games from Grand Theft Auto to Need for Speed, a 16:10 IPS screen, and it’s solely available through Exertis MSE.

“We are very excited about the Wikipad,” said Gunning-Stitt.

“It’s our first venture into a brand partnership and we will be bringing that brand to market. Some of our sister companies, like Exertis Micro-P and Exertis Gem, do that very well too."

“Our focus is not just retail; our focus is tailored solutions for our customers, and we’re always looking for something different to bring to market. That’s why we looked at the Wikipad, because it’s a new concept that puts a gaming console and a tablet together. It’s something that hasn’t been done before, it’s pretty cool. And we like to think of ourselves as a little bit cool, a little bit quirky.”

Other tech products the group is supplying include JVC accessories and GoClever’s range of budget tablets, which Exertis MSE says is proving “very successful” within its customer base. Exertis MSE also has an arm purely for the public sector – Exertis MSE Library Multimedia. It’s one of the UK and Ireland’s largest suppliers of entertainment products for rental to local authorities.

“It’s a fairly decent sector of the business,” explained Gunning-Stitt. “We took that over about five years ago and it’s probably about ten per cent of our overall business. It’s a good, strong, healthy market but it’s obviously under pressure by government cuts, so we’re always trying to think outside the box and try and bring something new to that business that will help that sector sit in its own right.”


Exertis MSE’s mentality shows it is a forward-thinking distributor that offers more than just logistics. It thinks outside of the box to help drive sales, and as we enter the lucrative fourth quarter and build up to the Christmas season, Exertis MSE is expecting growth ahead.

“We’re very good at seasonal promotions together for the customers and businesses that we deal with,” said Gunning-Stitt. “Exertis MSE is very much driven by the UK market and our plans to grow within that sector are definitely part of our focus for next year.”


Contact: 02890 623 777

Parent company: Exertis

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