As EA’s war series grows in stature, Matthew Jarvis takes a look at the latest version which has rival Call of Duty in its sights again…

Battlefield 4 preview

As EA’s war series grows in stature, we take a look at the latest version which has rival Call of Duty in its sights again…

Having left six years between Battlefield 2 and 3, DICE returns after just two years with Battlefield 4.

Powered by the Frostbite engine, BF4 builds on the destructibility first seen in Battlefield: Bad Company, with the introduction of ‘Levolution’, which dynamically changes maps as dams blow, skyscrapers crash down and ships collide with shores.

Water is also improved, with wind and waves challenging players as they captain and combat sea vehicles.

Battlefield games are renowned for their online multiplayer, and BF4 is no different – allowing up to 64 players to battle on PC and, for the first time ever, on consoles with the PS4 and Xbox One.

Back from BF3 is the Battlelog social platform, letting players track stats, take on challenges and compare rankings.

Players will be able to play online as a member of either the US, China or Russia. For the few who show their ability, Commander Mode returns, granting an RTS-style map for leaders to instruct their teammates with.

Players have the widest range of survival skills yet, including the chance to counter some melee attacks, shoot while swimming and dive underwater.

As with BF3, Battlefield 4 has a full-length campaign, centred on the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai by a special operations squad called ‘Tombstone’.

Battlefield 3 sold over ten million copies, claiming back a considerable slice of the oozing military-shooter pie from Call of Duty. The next Battlefield might be the game to take an even bigger bite.

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Publisher: EA

Distributor: CentreSoft

Release date: November 1st (PC, PS3, 360), November 20th (PS4), November (Xbox One)

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