Lorelei Gibb talks about using social media as part of your company’s overall SEO drive

OPINION: The social cement

Lorelei Gibb talks about using social media as part of your company’s overall SEO drive.

There are two important keys to a successful social media campaign: quality and consistency. If you are still primarily concerned about the number of followers that you have, or how many circles you belong to, or how many likes your posts get, it is even more essential that you post regular, interesting updates.

These two keys are useless however unless they are there to unlock something – and that something is the door to your social media success; the lynch pin, the cement that holds all of your online updates and your digital marketing campaign together. What we are talking about here is your company blog.

What are you sharing online? Where are your social media links going to? If you are serious about an online marketing plan, your social media needs to be part of your overall SEO drive. Sticking with the 80/20 rule, you should be aiming for 20 per cent of your updates to go directly back to your website (there are, as with everything in life, exceptions to this rule, but it is a useful guideline for the majority of small businesses). If you don’t regularly update your website with new content, where are these links taking people? Back to the same page again and again?

A company blog that is used in the purest form is not another ‘about me’ page, it is a resource, a place to go for all the latest information, for FAQs about your industry.

If you write regular, quality content and share this on your social media platforms you will be demonstrating that your website is the place to go to, and your click-through rates will climb up and up, ensuring that your website moves up organically for online search results.

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