‘Widespread adoption is inevitable’ adds CCP CMO and exec producer of EVE Online David Reid

Widespread adoption of VR tech like Oculus Rift “inevitable” – EVE Online producer

The executive producer of the massive space MMO EVE Online has said that Virtual Reality devices – such as the Oculus Rift – will “transform the industry” as it goes mainstream.

David Reid, sometimes known as CCP Pokethulhu, who is also chief of marketing at EVE’s developer CCP, made the comments to PCR after being asked about the strength of VR.

“We invested in the Kickstarter for Oculus Rift and are thrilled with its development,” said Reid.

CCP is currently developing EVE: Valkyrie, a spin-off of EVE Online, which lets players dogfight in space.

“We believe this new wave of VR technology has the potential to truly transform the industry – it’s blown the minds of everyone we’ve seen encounter it as we’ve shown them EVE: Valkyrie,” he added.

Reid stated that he believes such devices are set for success, based on the strength of immersion offered by VR technology.

“Of course, the first few months or years may seem ‘niche,’” Reid explained, “but it feels almost inevitable that widespread adoption will ultimately happen – the level of immersion offered is just too powerful.”

“It’s not just a new way to interact with games, it’s a new way to really experience them – and in an accessible, sensory-based way that causes everyone, from the most jaded games journalist to complete novice gamers, to giggle with happiness on trying it.”

Reid also commented on the transition to digital distribution by software providers.

“EVE was in fact one of the first digitally distributed games, and CCP has been one of the more active developers in supporting the digital transition,” he said, “[but] we don’t expect retail to disappear anytime soon.”

EVE Online celebrated its tenth anniversary in May, and is set to release its 20th free expansion ‘EVE Online: Rubicon’ on November 19th.

You can read a full interview with Reid ahead of the expansion’s release in November’s issue of PCR.

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