Meg Whitman said the firm has refocused its previously 'unclear' strategy for the future

HP CEO: ‘We have a clear strategy now’

The CEO of HP has said that the company has refined its market strategy, and has recommitted itself to providing "innovation".

Meg Whitman also described the company’s new Z1 workstation as the computer that God himself would build, repeating the comments originally made by in a review of the desktop PC, while speaking at the Canalys Channel Forum in Bangkok.

"If God needed a computer, this is the one he would build," she said of the box, which starts at $1,800 (£1,110).

Whitman went on to reassure the audience that HP had put a poorly-focused past behind them.

“I think we lacked a clear strategy,” she said.

“In fiscal 2013 we began to change that, by fixing our balance sheet to reconfirming our commitment to innovation.”

“[Since then we have] generated over ten and a half billion dollars of free cash flow and we are now in a near zero net debt position in the operating company.”

While it remains to be seen if HP’s blessings continue, Whitman is understandably optimistic about the company’s plan going forwards.

“We are an engineering company at our core, and we are amazing with customers – that’s what we are going to double down on,” she said.

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