Alleged issue "seems to affect users that use high DPI mouses"

PC gamers produce basic fix for reported Windows 8.1 mouse lag

PC gamers affected by a supposed ‘mouse lag’ bug using Windows 8.1 have come up with a temporary fix.

The issue was reported on Reddit, with some gamers complaining about slow, choppy mouse movement in games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Metro and Call of Prypiat.

"It seems to affect users that use high DPI mouses and high polling-rate mouses more than users who use basic hardware," said a Reddit user dgonreddit.

"There are inconsistencies about how this affects users with mice that have on-board memory though."

The apparent fix is as follows:

1. Right click the EXE of the game in question.

2. Go to properties.

3. Go to the compatibility tab.

4) Check "run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "Windows 8."

5) Check "disable scaling on high DPI settings."

6) Check "run this program as an administrator."

"I was only able to get it working doing all of these things," said dgonreddit. "Leaving any one of them out, and the problem persisted. Hope this helps others too. For me, this didn’t fix the issue outright, but it did make the menus bareable, just laggy instead of laggy and jumping around."

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