Japanese invention screams for help if caught

‘Living Wallet’ runs away from big spenders

A Japanese company has created the ‘Living Wallet’ – a moving wallet designed to stop shopaholics.

The wallet, which pairs with an iOS, Android and browser-based bookkeeping app called Zaim to keep track of spending, has a set of four wheels on its edges and can be set to two different modes – Save Mode or Consumption Mode.

In Save Mode, the wallet tries to flee if the owner reaches for it, trotting away on its wheels. It’s quite slow, but has a backup plan for those who catch it – screaming “No! Don’t touch me! Help! Help me!” if picked up.

The persistent wallet can also be set to call or email a contact (the Living Wallet website suggests the owner’s “Mommy”) if the owner continues to try and spend money.

On the other hand, for those flush with cash, the wallet can be set to Consumption Mode.

In the spend-happy setting, the wallet plays Beethoven and shouts out popular Amazon products in order to give inspiration to those looking to splash their cash.

Take a look at the Living Wallet in the video below:

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