App allowed users to buy music from the retailer and place songs in iTunes

HMV left “disappointed” after Apple pulls music app

HMV’s chairman Paul McGowan says it’s "disappointing" that Apple has removed a new HMV digital music app from the App Store.

Apple initially gave the app approval, but the iOS version which launched on October 17th has now been temporarily removed. It allowed users to buy music and download songs straight into their iTunes library. 

The app had been downloaded 10,000 times on iOS and Android since its release.

McGowan said: "It is disappointing that Apple has chosen to suspend an app that has proven to be very successful in only a few short days, despite Apple having already approved the exact same version on September 15th.

"We are unable to explain the change in Apple’s position as we have been given no explanation by them as to any difference they view between the approved version and the one suspended this evening."

The Android and HTML versions of the app are "proving a big hit with UK consumers", McGowan added.

A new website will also launch on October 24th.

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