"We're very excited about proving we will be the most attractive marketplace when we launch," says OnBuy MD

OnBuy and Synaxon respond to online marketplace criticism

Upcoming online marketplace OnBuy and dealer services group Synaxon have defended their services in light of recent criticism from Target Components

OnBuy launches in November and aims to take market share away from Amazon, while Synaxon is releasing its SynMarket online marketplace in the UK later this year. Both will allow retailers to sell products online, with the latter a B2B service exclusive to Synaxon members.

Cas Paton, MD of OnBuy, said: “It is right to say that eBay and Amazon are currently not well-liked by traders. From what we’ve seen, traders currently see them as a ‘necessary evil’ if they want to sell their products online.

“The concept of a UK marketplace that vows to pay all relevant taxes is no longer a myth, and OnBuy is different in that we put the trader at the heart of what we do with a straightforward, value-for-money fee structure that beats Amazon in every product category. We look after our traders with dedicated account managers and above all, unlike Amazon, we will not be competing with our own sellers by selling products ourselves; we are not a retailer.

“That value for money can be passed on to consumers, and we also have a number of developments in progress that we believe will make OnBuy the most attractive marketplace in the UK for online shoppers. We’re very excited about proving that when we launch in November, and look forward to introducing sellers to all of our upcoming and exciting developments.”

Derek Jones, UK MD of Synaxon, added: "Posting or uploading an item on SynMarket is really very easy for the dealer – he only needs the product code and then the C-Net data sheet is pulled from EGIS. This contains a detailed product description and image in most cases.

"We are not even remotely interested in advertising revenue from SynMarket – this is simply another Synaxon membership benefit and so, we’re not looking for huge returns and we’re not under any pressure to grow SynMarket. The platform is completely unique to Synaxon Group.

Jones added: "If Paul [Cubbage, Target Components MD] was an official supplier to Synaxon and he wanted to get rid of a handful of end-of-line monitors, then SynMarket would be a very low cost way of shifting the stock and Synaxon members would have another bargain deal. 

"Another quick example of a benefit to the dealer is if they purchase multiple items from a distributor and get stuck with two, they’d have to pay a re-stocking fee to send them back to the distributor. With an automated SynMarket account, they can have them listed in a couple of minutes."

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