Card is expected to be one step below the company’s powerhouse flagship card; the Titan

Nvidia announces GTX 780 Ti graphics card

Nvidia has announced the GTX 780 Ti, a high-end GPU expected to be one step below the Titan.

The graphic specialist’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the card at the end of an Nvidia event in Montreal, introducing the card by saying: “You really can’t do an Nvidia event without graphics cards.”

“Today we’re announcing our new baby here,” he continued, holding the card up in front of the audience.

Not many details were revealed, but Huang said that the card was “the best GPU that’s ever been built”, with “outstanding” performance and “low” power.

It is expected that the 780, which is currently being distributed to reviewers, will offer performance just below that of Nvidia’s flagship powerhouse card, the Titan.

The card will be released in mid-November, and is likely to compete with AMD’s R9 290X, which has been said by the company to be “much faster” than the Titan.

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