Chairwoman says HTC tablet will be ‘nice and disruptive’

HTC hints tablet and wearable tech on the way

HTC’s CEO has said wearable technology is a ‘critical segment’ for the company.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Peter Chou revealed that the firm has worked on a smartwatch with Microsoft several years ago.

While he didn’t reveal when an HTC smartwatch would launch, he did say that wearable technology was “one area we are excited about”.

Another appears to be tablets. In the same interview, chairwoman Cher Wang told the FT that when the HTC tablet comes out it will be “something nice and disruptive”.

HTC unveiled its new Android-powered One Max 5.9-inch ‘phablet’ last week, which includes fingerprint technology.

So, while HTC is producing smartphones already on the large side, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this spills over into the tablet market. As for something ‘disruptive’, we’re not really sure what that means, considering the firm seems to be one step behind Apple with its fingerprint tech. But with Mr Chou telling the FT “For us to stay competitive and survive is not a huge problem” HTC must have something up its sleeve.

Last week the publication reported that Amazon will enter the smartphone market with HTC, saying their smartphones are already at an ‘advanced stage of development’.

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