£350 device will include an accelerometer, MP3 player, Bluetooth, touch-screen and a heart-rate monitor

Adidas MiCoach smartwatch arrives in November

Adidas will launch its £350 MiCoach Smart Run smartwatch next month, complete with a touch-screen, heart-rate monitor and more. 

The sports brand says it’s "the most advanced and intuitive wrist-based running device on the market". Runners can track their progress using GPS mapping and an accelerometer, and listen to music and coaching guidance on the go via MP3/Bluetooth.

The coach can also interrupt music to tell the runner to speed up or slow down.

The Smart Run has a 1.45-inch colour touch-screen and a ‘smart training’ mode where over 400 on-screen animations combine to create hundreds of workouts and plans.

It has a stainless steel trim, and is made of "high performance" guerrilla glass and magnesium. The miCoach Smart Run launches in November and will retail at €399 (£350). 

Simon Drabble, Director of miCoach, said: "By combining the latest innovations, design and ease of use navigation, we consciously broke the template that defines other running watches.

"Many runners fail to get the most out of their current running watches. Building training plans, transferring workouts and personalising display information is cumbersome with these devices, with Smart Run we change this. It is fully integrated with our web platform so training plans, completed workouts and settings are synced seamlessly over WLAN. No cables. No dongles. No hassle."

Terrence Mahon, Lead Endurance Coach at the UK Athletics Federation, added: "The visual and audible guidance for interval training is a leap forwards from any other watch available.

"Another aspect that is often overlooked by runners is how important strength and flexibility workouts are in realising performance gain and reducing injuries. To have this guidance on the watch too is truly groundbreaking."

Image courtesy of BBC

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