But industry sources tell PCR the price of Nvidia Titan may drop

‘Nvidia doesn’t need to lower prices to compete with new AMD R7/R9 cards’

Graphics cards vendor Nvidia doesn’t need to lower prices across its range to compete with the new AMD R7/R9 graphics cards, a senior industry source has told PCR.

Their views come after rumours around Nvidia possibly lowering the price of its high-end Titan graphics card following the announcement of its upcoming rival AMD R9 290X.

"I thought Nvidia would lower its prices, but looking at the performance of [the other R7 and R9 cards], they don’t really have to," said the source.

"There isn’t much performance gained in the new AMD cards, so I don’t think Nvidia will move – and if they do it won’t be by much."

However, our source also suggests that a price drop around the Titan could still be on the cards, and that Nvidia could launch a new Titan to better compete, following similar rumours earlier this year.

"Of course, the 290X it not going to be a cheaper card, so if there’s any product movement [from Nvidia] it could be on the Titans or on the 780," the source added.

When asked whether the market needs a new Titan, the source replied: "[The PC gaming market is] always performance hungry.

"It’s not about the need for this – it’s all about the want."

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