Range includes 13-pocket H13 hoodie and 23-pocket V23 travel vest

AyeGear clothes let tech travellers stash loads of gadgets

AyeGear has released two new products in its multi-gadget carrying clothes range.

The H13 is a hoodie with thirteen compartments to stash devices in.

The zippered fleece-lined jacket is said by AyeGear to be aimed at “travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and students”, and includes a touch sensitive compartment so that touchscreen devices can still be operated while concealed.

A large compartment designed to house an iPad is also integrated into the lining.

For those wishing to carry even more gadgets, or looking a travel vest rather than a hoodie, AyeGear has also launched the V23 (pictured).

The vest has ten more pockets than the H13 – 23 – and five more than the previous design, the V18. Improving on the V18 further, it also weighs 39 per cent less.

Among the V23’s added pockets is a hidden compartment for debit and credit cards, and the pockets have been reinforced in order to hold an iPad on either side of the vest.

AyeGear say that the V23 is particularly useful for those travelling by air – explaining that baggage allowance limits can be avoided and airport security can be passed through more quickly by stashing devices in a single article of clothing.

Like the H13, a transparent cover is built into the smartphone pocket so that phones can be used without having to take them out.

The H13 is available to preorder now for £59.99, and will be released at the end of October. Colour options consist of blue, black, Tawny Port or Red Pepper.

The V23 is already available, costing £79.99 and coming in black only.

For more details see www.ayegear.com or visit www.youtube.com/ayegear to see the products in action.

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