Over two days lost to waiting for file transfers

Slow PCs waste almost a week’s worth of personal time every year

Around five and a half days of Brits’ time every year is spent waiting for slow computers, a study has found.

The worldwide survey of 8,000 people, conducted by SanDisk, found that the average PC user in the UK has lost 130 hours in the last 12 months due to delays caused by slow computers.

Meanwhile, over a quarter (27 per cent) of the American users questioned said that PC delays had been so bad that they had lost sleep, with around the same around saying that PC-related frustration had put them in a bad mood for that day. Over half (53 per cent) blamed computers at work or home, with only 22 per cent frustrated by their mobile phone.

File transfers also took up a large amount of people’s time, with over two days of Americans’ time spent waiting for the actions.

While almost a quarter (23 per cent) of Germans were likely to throw misbehaving devices at a wall or stamp on them in anger, American and Chinese users were the most calm to react, with only 14 per cent of users in those countries doing likewise.

In the free time that slow computers eat up, an overwhelming majority (92 per cent) of Spanish users would rather be with their partners, while Americans (56 per cent) would rather be with family and those in China (56 per cent) would prefer to spend the time with friends.

Image of stressed PC user courtesy of Shutterstock.co.uk

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