Annual event featured stands from a variety of industry exhibitors

Christmas comes early for tech journalists at Digital Winter

The annual tech journalism event Digital Winter took place last night (October 10th) in London, and PCR was there to check out the latest tech on display.

The event is one half of Digital Seasons – a twice-yearly event divided into Digital Summer and Digital Winter – which invites journalists to take a look at the latest offerings from exhibitors in the technology industry.

Among the companies present was Sphero, which was demonstrating the Sphero 2.0 – an improved version of the app-remote controlled ball. The Sphero 2.0 is faster and brighter than the original Sphero, and now has a number of apps which use augmented reality and Bluetooth control to use the ball for a number of games – including The Rolling Dead, where the Sphero is used to fend back an army of zombies.

Gioteck brought a number of their gaming accessories to the show, including controllers, headsets and a gaming chair which gave immersive rumble feedback from games. Gioteck’s advice to PCR when trying out the chair? “Try to crash a lot.”

ArmourHome was also there, demonstrating the 50ULTRA-D22160P-SC, a 50-inch 4K LED TV that provides 3D viewing without glasses. The set can also turn standard 2D content into 3D content, with adjustable depth. The TV was only one of five in existence, with the model set for commercial launch early next year.

Octa were showing off the TabletTail: Monkey Edition, a primate-inspired tablet stand which can wrapped around objects or curled into a free-standing prop. The bendy design means that the stand doesn’t need a flat surface, and is also said by its creators to relieve the strain on users’ hands and wrists when using a tablet.

The kid-friendly tablet LeapPad Ultra was available to be tested by the big kids of the journalism industry at the LeapPad stand, with the device made to combat recent criticisms of in-app purchases and the accessing of inappropriate content by children.

Smartphone accessories brand Cygnett had a range of new iPhone cases – but the big news was a rugged mount and fisheye camera designed to rival sports cameras such as the GoPro. The camera, which comes with the mount, allows users to record videos of sports and other activities on their phone, while the mount makes sure the phone remains usable afterwards.

Many other tech brands were also present at the event, including Philips, AOC, Parallels, Computer Planet, Otterbox and many more. For more details on the event, visit

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