8-inch 3D print outs start from £40

Asda 3D printing service launches in the UK

Asda’s new service will offer customers the chance to bring along any object and get it printed in 3D.

Launching in the UK on a trial bases on October 15th, shoppers can get any object they desire (as long as it’s smaller than a family sized car) printed in 3D with prices starting from £40.

Regardless of the size of item, the printout will be scaled down to an 8-inch model.

The technique involves cameras being placed around an object or person to scan it in. layers of ceramic fluid are used to create the mould.

Asda expects ‘mini me’ figures to be one of the most popular print outs. "3D printed ‘mini me’ figures will add a whole new dimension to shoppers’ mantelpieces and the lifelike models are also expected to be popular as personalised wedding cake toppers," said Asda in a statement.

Check out the video below showing the whole process:

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