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Yahoo Mail celebrates 16th birthday with a makeover

Yahoo Mail has adopted a new look after turning 16 years old, in a bid to make it easier for users to manage their emails.

Yahoo has also made some features that were previously only available to Mail Plus users free for everyone. 

These include disposable addresses, where users can reate a disposable email address if they don’t want to give out their primary address, and up to 200 filters which can be used to sort incoming messages.

You can automatically forward your email to another account and have offline access by using a desktop email application such as Outlook.

Users can star a message that’s important or delete one with a quick action, plus they can add a photo backdrop to their inbox using the ‘View’ menu or by hitting ‘Esc’ to view the photos full screen.

Dave McDowell, Senior Director at Yahoo Mail and Lee Parry, Senior Director at Yahoo Mail Mobile, said in a joint statement: "On smartphones and tablets, many of you are familiar with swiping left or right to reveal quick actions.

"In Web mail, we’ve added quick actions when you hover or select a message, including a quick search feature, which comes in really handy when you want to see all the messages from a sender.

"And, when you select a theme on one device, it will reflected on all your devices.

"If you’ve ever been on an email conversation between a group of people, you know how many messages can be generated in just a few minutes. Having the context of the full conversation intact is important, so we group related messages together as well to give you a quick way to add to the conversation."

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