Stores must keep a tighter lid on customer details to avoid facing possible fines, warns software vendor

10% of PC retailers ‘likely to suffer from cybercrime’

One in ten computer retailers could fall foul of cybercrime in 2014 and lose vast sums of money, says security software vendor Cryptic Software.

The company’s CEO Dave Shearmon has warned retailers that if their customers’ card details are stolen, new legislation means that store owners could be held liable and fined up to five per cent of their turnover.

Threats include theft of customer card details, denial-of-service (DoS) website attacks, data breaches and compliance issues, which could breach the PCI’s DSS (Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard).

Shearmon told PCR: “Retailing has come a long way in the last decade, but as we do business differently we face more chances of being cybercrime victims.

“The speed at which an attack happens, the speed in which we have to react increases, and we are already at the point where only real-time capability is effective. However, the services offered to retailers are improving, including integrated security monitoring.

“Many retailers simply can’t afford the resources to put in place the compliance requirements. Such retailers should look at outsourcing their requirements, which are available on a pay as you go basis.”

Shearmon also mentioned upgrade issues that could affect retailers. For example, the withdrawal of Microsoft XP support in April 2014 means that security patches won’t be available for computers running the OS, meaning some store owners will have to upgrade their till systems to stay safe.

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