Scientists want to use M-Blocks to build bridges and scaffolding

Terminator-style self-assembly robots unveiled by scientists

MIT scientists have created an army of robot cubes that can fly through the air and self-assemble.

While the cubes are currently controlled by computer instructions, the scientist believe that they will eventually become entirely autonomous and capable of adapting to different environments and come together, T-1000-style, to accomplish specific tasks.

The cubes, known as M-Blocks, use an internal flywheel, which can reach speeds of 20,000 revolutions per minutes. When the flywheel breaks, its angular momentum is transferred to the cube. With each M-Block equipped with specialised magnets, they can climb, leap and fly through the air to align in a variety of arrangements.

The MIT scientists ultimately want to create swarms of self-assembling robots to work on projects such as building temporary bridges or creating scaffolding.

Check out MIT’s impressive M-Block video below:

Surely it’s only a matter of time until they rise up and take over humanity…

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