Samsung tries to appeal to Trekkies with new adverts

Samsung Galaxy Gear ads show smartwatch evolution

Samsung has unveiled its new adverts for the Galaxy Gear, using clips from films and TV to show the ‘evolution’ of the smartwatch.

The Korean firm’s new set of adverts have decided to take a break from poking fun at Apple and focus on trying to convince Sci-Fi fans that they need the Galaxy Gear in their life.

The first video, entitled “A long time coming”, shows various clips from film and TV where people have worn some sort of space-age watch, including ones from Star Trek, Dick Tracy and Knight Rider.

The second shows the “Evolution” of the Galaxy Gear, with a close-up look at watch devices from films such as Predator, Inspector Gadget and Power Rangers.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be released in October and will set you back £299.

Check out the two new ads below:

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