App shows promise of second-screen capabilities of Glass in games

Grand Theft Auto GPS app developed for Google Glass

A developer has created a way of displaying the GPS map of Grand Theft Auto in Google Glass.

Mike DiGiovanni’s app takes the minimap of Grand Theft Auto III and transmits it to the headgear, before using an app based on the Android SDK (as the Glass SDK hasn’t been released by Google yet) which captures the guidance information over Wi-Fi and overlays it onto the map.

Grand Theft Auto III was chosen as DiGiovanni couldn’t run Grand Theft Auto IV on his computers, and Grand Theft Auto V currently has no PC version.

DiGiovanni told TechCrunch that the app, while currently “a very fragile proof of concept” which drains the Glass’ battery in an hour, also serves as an example of how Glass could be used for real-life navigation.

“It’s really similar to how you would use the built in GPS navigation of Glass in a real car,” he explained.

“The most exciting part about this has been opening the conversation up to using Glass or even other wearables as a second screen. It’s a use case that hasn’t been talked about much. It could be something as simple as moving your HUD or map to a wearable device as is demonstrated with this software.”

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