PC manufacturer says that it will trump Lenovo with connected services

HP dismisses Lenovo PC market threat: ‘Great for Lenovo’

Following Lenovo’s push to overtake HP as the number one PC maker in Europe, HP has said that it sees no threat to its business overall.

"We want to become number one within the next 18 months – let’s say by the beginning of 2015,” said Gianfranco Lanci, president of EMEA for Lenovo said at the IFA consumer-electronics show in September.

“There’s very big growth opportunities on PCs in the whole region and there’s still room to grow.”

HP is currently Europe’s top PC manufacturer, with 18 per cent of market share during Q2. During the same period, Lenovo had 12 per cent.

When asked about the comments, Page Murray, VP of Worldwide Consumer Marketing for Printing and Personal Systems at HP, told PCR: “Great for Lenovo.”

“If you just sell PCs, then that’s what you need to focus on. The fact is we don’t just sell PCs – we sell a wide range of things. Chances are there will be other competitors who want to challenge us in one particular area, but there’s no such thing as a partner who’s going to make money by just selling one box, or one service.”

“It’s all connected now,” he explained, speaking at HP’s Fall Launch press event in Barcelona, at which the company revealed a number of products aimed at providing business-wide support.

“I’ll use a security example – a security problem can start with a mobile device or a notebook, go in through the infrastructure, breach the cloud and then go all the way out to your printing capability. People are going to come in and say, “I have a security need”. Lenovo would say: “I can fix it with a new PC.” Cisco would say “I can fix it with this network capability.” HP will say: “No, I can fix your security problem.”

See PCR’s photo gallery of the Barcelona event here.

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