Set-top box rumours follow trademark of Firetube name

Amazon rumoured to launch ‘Firetube’ set-top box soon

Amazon could be set to release a video-streaming rival to Apple TV and Roku called the Firetube in time for Christmas.

The rumours follow the trademarking of ‘Firetube’ by Amazon in the US and Canada.

According to “people briefed on the company’s plans” who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, the box, codenamed ‘Cinnamon’, would be similar to one of the boxes offered by Roku, and would focus on Amazon’s Prime service – which in the US allows subscribers to watch television shows and movies for a yearly fee, and has grown in its competition against Netflix.

The sources added that Amazon had been in contact with TV providers and media app developers to ask for partnerships to support the device.

Regarding a remote, the sources said that the box was more likely to be controlled through mobile apps, like Apple’s Apple TV. Compatible devices would include the Kindle Fire, which Amazon boss Jeff Bezos apparently demonstrated the remote control capability of last month.

Amazon, like Netflix, has also made the jump from providing video services to producing exclusive video content. Shows produced and in production by the company include a US remake of the UK show Broadchurch, starring David Tennant, Alpha House, a political comedy with John Goodman and Betas, which focuses on employees at a social media start-up.

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