The G Flex will have a fixed 6-inch curved display

LG’s G Flex to take on Samsung’s curved smartphone

LG is set to launch a smartphone with a curved 6-inch display in November.

CNET has reported that the phone will be called the G Flex. It will not be bendable, but will have a screen with a fixed curve, much like a small-scale version of LG’s curved OLED TVs.

CNET allegedly obtained a sketch of LG’s G Flex (pictured) showing that the whole device will be slightly curved.

Sources close to the matter told CNET that the G Flex will launch in November, shortly after Samsung unveils its own smartphone with a curved screen.

While Samsung is yet to reveal the name or any specs of the device, it seems likely that it will be based on the ‘Youm’ prototype which was shown off at this year’s CES. The Youm wraps one side of the screen around the edge of the device to display notifications.

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