3D smartphone will feature four cameras to record eye movement

Amazon to launch 3D and budget smartphones

Amazon is developing two smartphones, one with a 3D user interface and another inexpensive one running FireOS.

The news comes from an anonymous posting on Hacker News and matches up with previous Amazon smartphone rumours reported by WJS earlier this year.

The flagship model is set to have 3D eye tracking technology and will use four cameras on each side of the device to track movements. So, rather than actually being 3D, it seems it will just give the illusion that the screen is 3D.

The current codename for the smartphone appears to be “Smith” and is rumoured to feature image recognition to allow users to take a picture of an object and search Amazon.com for similar products.

A budget handset is also allegedly in the works, which is set to feature the FireOS currently found in Kindle Fire tablets.

Some report that the budget smartphone could be released before the end of the year, while others say the devices are not likely to be ready until 2014.

Apparently the two smartphones are being shipped around Amazon’s Lab126 facility but are locked inside a metal case with the just the screens visible.

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