Dara Nasr offers advice at Ecommerce Expo

Twitter sales boss offers tips for businesses, reveals user stats

Twitter’s head of agency sales Dara Nasr told businesses how to improve their social media strategies at the Ecommerce Expo in London today.

He highlighted some recent successful marketing campaigns on Twitter which received millions of re-tweets. For example, the JayZ Samsung promotion received one million tweets, while some six million tweets were written about the Champions League final as Adidas capitalised on the event with several planned uploads.

"Go after conversations you think your customers would be talking about," said Nasr.

"In B2B you might not think so, but there are relevant conversations going on all the time.

"You don’t have to be incredibly targeted. Just be part of a conversation – even if you’re just talking about software, for example.

"Set up a corporate personal account like Richard Branson. Start tweeting about the business and talk to your customers and you’ll find your followers will slowly go up."

Nasr also revealed several stats about the social media site Twitter, including the following:

  • Twitter has 15 million users in the UK (up 50 per cent year-on-year)
  • 80 per cent of users access Twitter using their mobiles
  • 500 million tweets are posted every day
  • Promoted tweets have a one to three per cent click through rate
  • 60 per cent of Twitter users access Twitter while watching TV
  • TV marketers who have TV ads that engage with Twitter see a 58 per cent higher purchase intent versus those that only have a TV ad

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