UK director of sales on the social media site's purchasing power

Half of Facebook users more likely to buy a product recommended by a friend

50 per cent of of Facebook users say their friends’ product recommendations are important when making online purchases.

Facebook’s UK and Ireland director of sales John Lamphiere revealed the stat at the Ecommerce Expo in London.

"Friends matter in the product discovery process," he said, before going on to mention with so many devices at users disposal today, "it’s harder than ever to capture consumers’ attention than ever before".

Lamphiere also said that the key to driving interest and sales via Facebook was through strong content.

"It all starts with compelling content," he added. 

"Good content is about engaging a relevant audience, down to understanding what they like and as you get more core customers on board it becomes a journey."

Lamphiere revealed that Facebook as 33 million monthly active users in UK – and 24 million log on every day.

Additionally, 26 million mobile users use Facebook every month (20 million every day).

He also said that Facebook ads moved from the right nav bar to the central news feed are 20 times more effective, while 40 per cent of Facebook users check the site’s news feed.

Lamphiere mentioned that 20 per cent of online shoppers buy from a retail website, while 80 per cent just learn and browse.

"£33 billion is spent on things people don’t know they’re going to buy until they get on the website," he said.

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