The PC version of EA shooter will ship with Mantle API support

Report: AMD spent between $5m and $8m on Battlefield 4 deal

Graphics card manufacturer AMD spent between $5m and $8m to secure its Battlefield 4 partnership with EA, a report has claimed.

Fudzilla says it has received word from “multiple sources” that the company spent the huge sum to secure the game’s bundling with its new range of graphics cards, reports MCV, and to convince EA to make a Mantle-friendly version of the PC shooter.

Mantle was revealed last week and is a new toolset that supposedly allows developers more direct access and control of a graphics card’s architecture. It is being sold as a method to extract more performance form PC hardware than has until now been available.

The PC version of Battlefield 4 launches on November 1st and ships with Mantle support.

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