D-Central will enable nearby users to share files anonymously

John McAfee to launch gadget that makes internet users untraceable

John McAfee has revealed that his new company, Future Tense Central, will launch a gadget called D-Central that will make its users anonymous and untraceable.

The product will work by using smartphones and other devices to create small networks which cannot be accessed by government agencies such as the NSA.

McAfee said the device will cost less than $100 and he plans to sell it in the US, England, Japan and the Third World.

“The NSA won’t get into it. The encryption that we have developed is unique, and the NSA nor any other governmental agency has been involved,” said McAfee.

The gadget will enable nearby users to share files with each other completely anonymously. McAfee believes the device will be popular amongst students: “I cannot imagine any college student in the world not standing in line to buy one of these.”

The D-Central is currently in the early stages of development. A working prototype is expected within six months. Future Tense Central has set up a website featuring a countdown clock to March 23rd 2014, presumably this will be the launch date.

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