Centerprise's CI Recycle takes on "websites that don’t pay what they promise"

New tech recycling site promises best price for iPhone 5

New gadget recycling company CI Recycle is offering what it calls the best price on the market for a used iPhone 5 – almost £300.

It has promised to pay up to £287 for a working 64GB iPhone 5 handset in good condition, which many new iPhone 5S and 5C owners may want to get rid of. It says this price is better than Mazuma Mobile and O2 Recycle.

Thesite – launched by IT service provider Centerprise International – says it wants to tackle the problem where consumers feel "ripped off" when trading in their tech products using other recycling websites, which sometimes mark down prices for minor wear and tear. is targeting consumers and businesses. It offers to pay a "clear price" for an item and promises not to mark this down unless the condition is significantly different from the way the customer described it.

The customer is sent a free pack to post their gadget in to Ci Recycle, and the money is paid into their bank account. The used gadget is "ethically recycled" by being sold in the secondhand market or responsibly disposed of. 

Cas Paton, Web Programme Director at Centerprise International (who is also working on the OnBuy online marketplace), said: "Centerprise International see a real potential with recycling; we want to do our bit for the environment by recycling old electronics rather than continually manufacturing new electronics.

"We know there are Apple fans out there who have been desperate to get their hands on the latest model and now they are the proud owner of an iPhone 5C or 5S they will want to get the best price for their old handset. 

“Our offer is simple – we will offer a better price than all our rivals when you recycle your iPhone 5 with Ci Recycle. Our pricing policy is totally transparent and upfront and you’ll find that with Ci Recycle there are no hidden charges or mark-downs once you’ve decided to recycle with us.”

Additionally, those who want to recycle a 64GB iPhone 5S through Ci Recycle are being offered £443 by the site.

Note – prices are dynamic and may change after the date this article was published.

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