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Multi-coloured printed objects also shown off by 3D Systems

3D printed chainmail-style gloves produced

UPDATE:A 3D printed titanium mesh glove was also produced earlier this year (pictured below). This was made by 3D Printer Experience in Chicago.

Original story:

Is this the world’s first chainmail-like wearable glove made using a 3D printer?

Printer provider 3D Systems showed off the glove at Midwich Tech Exposed event, along with several other multi-coloured and multi-layered objects made using a 3D printer.

The glove (pictured below) was made using hundreds of different linked pieces of plastic, assembled automatically by the printer.

3D Systems has targeted the education, design healthcare sectors with its range of 3D printers which include the Cubex device. This launched earlier this year, priced at £3,500, and can produce objects with three different colours.

The company’s other products range from £1,500 to £1 million.

3D printers from 3D Systems are expected to be available to order soon.

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