We speak to the retailer about its plans for the rest of the year

Synaxon Member Profile: Notebookrepair.co.uk

The firm’s MD John Landells tells us about how his site has grown to include some 35,000 products.

Tell us about your business – what products and services do you offer?
We repair notebooks, iPads and iPhones down to component level – removing chips from boards and replacing or reballing them. We also replace screens and keyboards.

At full capacity we can repair up to 250 per week.

As well as this, we stock around 480,000 parts. This means reduced lead times for our customers and faster turnaround times on repairs.

Our site has 35,000 products with full info on part numbers, specs and also pictures of the parts. We get 40-45,000 visitors a day and around one million a month with up to 100,000 page impressions a day.

Who are your customers?
Our customers are mainly other computer companies and internet users. On hardware sales we export over 60 per cent of our turnover.

How has business been?
Over the last two years we have seen significant growth in two areas: Internet traffic and exports mainly to Europe and Eastern Europe.

What’s coming up for you in 2013?
We have introduced online tracking of all repairs so customers are updated by text or email at each stage of repair. We are also introducing 3D barcodes on booking forms so customers can use mobile phones to scan it and automatically log in to our system. Once there, they can leave messages or see what stage the repair is at and who is working on the repair.

What are the benefits of trade organisations like Synaxon? One of the most helpful things this year has been the way we can gather info about parts and compare prices, deliveries and specs from systems like Egis through Synaxon. We do 80 to 120 quotes a day through this –something that would have been impossible before without a large team of people. It also brings us a group of similar firms we can trade with on a reciprocal basis.

Contact: 0161 429 8855

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