founder Will Davies compared the devices to the devil

‘iPhones have stopped young people from wanting to work’

iPhones have been blamed by a property maintenance firm for a lack of motivation among young people to work, and compared to the devil.

Will Davies, the founder of, which has a turnover of £12 million, said that "the latest batch of young people lack any drive or desire to work – largely thanks to the warm, punch-drunk, sedated feeling of being permanently online to their friends on the internet".

"The iPhone is always on," Davies explained. "Always in the background. Always more important than getting off your backside and getting to work for many young people."

"Young people today are like the vision of humanity in the film The Matrix, starring Keanu Reaves, where humans sit lifeless with a tube plugged into the back of their heads for food. In this case it’s the iPhone". ran its first unemployment bootcamp in the UK in 2012, where young unemployed people could compete for an apprenticeship by taking part in several tests, and plans to run a similar ‘GoThinkBig’ bootcamp on October 16th this year.

"There is no need or desire for a young adults to strive anymore, to apply for a job where they are forced to confront the emotion of failure,” said Davies

"Instead young people are permanently encased in Phoetal fluid like a baby in their mother’s womb checking their iPhone or smartphone device for pointless messages and updates".

Davies also criticised the presence of the internet among young browsers, stating that, for some, "the virtual world has taken over from the real world".

He went on to compare the iPhone’s negative influence on young people to the temptation of the devil:

"Steve Jobs joked about selling his first computer for $666.66666… a recurring number, but more importantly the number of the Beast".

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