Send your pictures in for our Out of Office section

Want your colleague or business featured in PCR? Here’s how

Has your business got up to something weird, wacky or charitable lately? Why not tell the trade in PCR?

Maybe you’ve held a business or charity event recently, or want to recognise a colleague or partner, or do something fun to mark an occasion. 

These kind of events are covered in PCR’s light-hearted ‘Out of Office’ section.

You can send your pictures or details in to or call 01992 535646 to let us know about an upcoming activity.

Recent examples include Synaxon Award Winners 2013, pictures of attendees at VIP Computers’ Evolution 2 gaming event, Midwich’s Tech Exposed, Target Components’ 15th birthday dress-up celebrations and Sega’s launch for Total War: Rome II.

So if you’ve done something interesting, shout about it!

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