Galaxy S5 smartphone expected next year

Samsung Galaxy S5 could have 64-bit processor and metal casing

Samsung appears to be taking some inspiration from Apple, and may release an iPhone-esque smartphone complete with metal body and 64-bit processor.

In a bid to keep up with rival Apple – who’s new iPhone 5S comes with an A7 64-bit processor, Samsung was quick to announce that it would release future smartphones also featuring 64-bit processors. It seems an almost certainty that the Galaxy S5 will be one of them.

In fact reports that the latest Galaxy model will be released sometime next year and will indeed come with the new processor.

Samsung is apparently looking to give the Galaxy S5 a more ‘premium feel’ and is rumoured to have been in touch with the makers of the casing for HTC One and Apple’s iPad Mini, both of which have metal cases.

If Samsung does plan on making these updates, this could open up another opportunity for Apple to try and sue anything that vaguely resembles a piece of the iPhone.

Samsung and Apple have squabbled over many, many things in the past year, including an abundance of patent suits, Apple dropping Samsung displays, and just generally dissing each other.

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