Data implies cash cards will be used for online gameplay

GTA 5 microtransactions: Redditor finds data for online cash cards

As gamers complain that making money in Rockstar’s GTV 5 appears to be quite hard, one Redditor thinks they may have uncovered why.

The forum poster, called 1880, discovered a plain XML file when opening the store section in the pause menu which shows four “cash cards” next to the downloadable content from the special editions.

These cards range from $100,000 to $1,250,000, and a number of other Reddit posters believe that they will be used for online gameplay.

Many are not happy about the fact that they may have to shell out more money after the initial purchase of the game, to get the full gaming experience.

“This would be so awful seriously, I spent $120 on this game, don’t make me spend any more to enjoy online,” said one comment on the Reddit post.

“It’s a competitive online game, in which you earn money by completion of heists and missions. Those rich players who have money to spare on in-game money will be at a much higher advantage than those that can’t afford it,” added another.

Yesterday, Blizzard announced that it will remove Diablo 3’s auction houses next year, which offer gamers the chance to buy and sell weapons, after admitting that it undermined gameplay. If Rockstar decided to implement these cash cards in GTA 5 there’s a chance the game may get similar complaints.

Of course, there’s a chance that these cash cards are redeemable items found within the game and not something you buy with real money…

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