Teaser site to reveal ‘the future of Steam’ at 6pm GMT

Valve Steam Box announcement begins countdown

Steam has launched a teaser site counting down to an announcement concerning the long-awaited Steam Box.

The site, which states that “The Steam Universe is Expanding in 2014”, shows a shot of a TV with a supernova on it, suggesting that the reveal will be about the Steam Box, which is designed for use on TVs in living rooms.

Valve boss Gabe Newell had previously hinted that the console-like system would have details revealed this week while speaking at Linuxcon.

Newell also stated that “Linux is the future of gaming” at the conference. The Steam Box is expected to run on the Linux operating system.

Counting down to 6pm GMT today (September 23rd), the ticker appears to be the first stage of three, all cryptically labelled with symbols.

Text on the page says: “Last year, we shipped a software feature called Big Picture, a user-interface tailored for televisions and gamepads.”

“This year we’ve been working on even more ways to connect the dots for customers who want Steam in the living-room.”

“Soon, we’ll be adding you to our design process, so that you can help us shape the future of Steam.”

Whatever sits at the end of the countdown, it’s almost guaranteed to be exciting news for gamers.

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