Cities of Tomorrow will take players on a journey 50 years into the future

SimCity expansion pack ‘Cities of Tomorrow’ coming November 12th

SimCity’s first expansion pack will be released next month on Mac and PC.

‘Cities of Tomorrow’ will take players on a journey 50 years into the future, letting them transform their cities into utopias powered by fusion reactors and tidal wave generators.

Gamers will be able to manufacture a legion of drones and build ‘MegaTowers’.

SimCity was released on PC back in March, but only arrived on Mac last month. The new expansion pack will be available for both on November 12th.

Although this is the first expansion pack for SimCity, it’s not the first future-based Sim expansion pack from EA this year.

The Into the Future pack was released for The Sims 3 earlier this month which also gave players the opportunity to let their Sims explore the ‘world of tomorrow’.

Check out the Cities of Tomorrow trailer below:

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