Fake websites host keyloggers and data-stealing malware

Grand Theft Auto 5 malware downloads spread

Criminals are using the massive popularity of crime-simulator Grand Theft Auto 5 in order to commit actual crimes.

Serial codes for the game, which is currently only available on PS3 and Xbox 360 and not on PC, are used to bait gamers unwilling to buy the title.

The game was recently said to be the most successful game in history, toting up $800 million on its launch day, September 17th.

The gamers click through to the fake websites, which use IP detection to translate themselves into the user’s native language, and are showered with adverts and offers, often leading to more malicious software.

Researchers at security software firm Bitdefender also found gamers who were infected after downloading free GTA kits from torrents and peer-to-peer services.

As the game is unavailable on PC, the platform on which serial codes are often used to unlock games on services such as Steam, it is highly likely that almost all serial codes hosted on the internet are fake, with the use of stolen serial codes illegal anyway.

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