Range offered by Goldgenie starts at £2137

iPhone 5S offered in Swarovski crystal-studded 24-carat gold and platinum

A customisation company is to offer the iPhone 5S in 24-carat gold and platinum, studded with Swarvoski crystals.

The costly models come from Goldgenie, a company which won support from entrepreneur James Caan on the BBC show Dragon’s Den in 2007.

The standard model of the 5S will be available in a gold colour from Apple, but Goldgenie is offering the pricey custom options to their audience of “cash-rich/time-poor clients.”

The phone is also available in rose gold, and customers have the choice of three different styles for the gold and platinum crystal-studded versions.

Each Goldgenie model will also come in a handmade cherry oak presentation box.

The “entry” model of the range has a price tag of £2137, running up to £3130.98 for the most expensive handset.

Goldgenie CEO Laban Roomes said: “This has been the most anticipated iPhone ever. We launched our pre-order page on August 28th 2013 and have since had just over 300 orders for various customised finishes.”

“We estimate that this will by far eclipse all other gold iPhone sales we have had to date.”

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