Research by Entertainment Retailers Association says total could even reach £3 billion

PS4 and Xbox One next-gen consoles to give retailers £1.2 billion boost

The launch of the PS4 and Xbox One in November should give retailers a £1.2 billion boost in sales, says research.

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), who conducted the research, said that the total provided by the release of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft might even pass £3 billion.

“The drama and excitement generated by PS4 and Xbox One look set to produce the sales boost retailers have been crying out for,” said the Director General of the ERA, Kim Bayley.

The popularity of the consoles may even result in games sales beating sales of the music and video sectors combined, the ERA added.

The ERA’s research also found that the PS4 may outsell the Xbox One at launch, with 10 per cent of people saying they were “definitely or likely to” purchase the PS4, while seven per cent said the same of the Xbox One.

The two rival console makers are to present at the ERA’s Annual General Meeting on September 18th, along talks on digital services, the war on piracy and what video and music have to offer to compete with games.

"This is a last minute opportunity for Microsoft and Sony to eyeball their most important retail customers just weeks before battle commences," said Bayley.

To see how the consoles compare, take a look at PCR’s roundup of all the details.

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