Eric Migicovsky says Pebble succeeds by ‘meshing into peoples’ lives’

Pebble creator: ‘We will win smartwatch battle’

The founder and CEO of Pebble has said that competition from Samsung and Apple isn’t a problem, and that Pebble will “win” the smartwatch battle.

Speaking during an interview at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference, Eric Migicovsky said that Pebble “is in the best position” in the smartwatch market, by focusing on “how people use watches”, rather than trying to impress consumers with high technical specs.

Migicovsky said that Pebble’s success comes through “meshing into people’s lives”, citing long battery life and the ability to wear the Pebble without worrying about smashing it or struggling to operate it as key examples of “flowing into the background.”

Interviewed by TechCrunch East Coast Editor John Biggs, Migicovsky replied to questions about the next iteration of the Pebble, dubbed the ‘Pebble 2.0’, by saying that software, rather than hardware, would provide the update.

Migicovsky was also asked whether an offer of acquisition from Samsung or Apple would ever be considered.

Stating that no such offer had ever been received, Migicovsky said that rather than look for deals with multi-armed corporations, Pebble was instead solely focused on building “really, really cool wearables.”

“The way that Pebble will win,” said Migicovsky, “is because we’re laser-focused on that, and we’re not distracted.”

The Pebble smartwatch remains Kickstarter’s largest-ever successful crowdfunded project, reaching over $10 million in pledges.

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