Video pokes fun at iPhone 5C’s plastic casing

Microsoft pulls unfunny iPhone parody video

Microsoft has removed a new Apple iPhone parody video from its YouTube page, saying it was “off the mark”.

On Friday (September 13th) a video was uploaded to the Windows Phone YouTube channel entitled Microsoft iPhone parody: A fly on the wall in Cupertino.

The painfully unfunny video depicted two Apple employees coming up with various pitches for the new iPhones and features quite a variety of digs at the firm, including ones aimed at the rumoured iWatch as well as the iPhone 5C’s coloured variants and plastic casing.

It is not clear whether the video was meant to be shared internally, or if Microsoft just made a very bad judgement call. But the firm did reveal to The Next Web that the “light-hearted poke at our friends from Cupertino” were deemed “off the mark”.

While the video was swiftly made private on the official YouTube channel, some did manage to capture it before it disappeared. Check it out below before it’s inevitably removed.

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