The iPhone 5S is set to drastically reduce the value of the previous model

Apple’s iPhone resale prices to plummet

New research from CompareMyMobile reveals that iPhone prices could plummet drastically, with consumers potentially losing up to 30 per cent of their device’s original value.

Within 30 days of the official iPhone 5S announcement – which was on September 10th – the data suggests that the valuation pattern will follow what happened last year when the iPhone 5 was released.

The iPhone 4S 64GB lost £99 in less than 30 days following the announcement of the iPhone 5.

Here’s a breakdown of how the iPhone 4S’s resale value was affected around last year’s new phone launch:

  • Sept 12th – (Announcement day) Consumers could get up to £325 for their iPhone 4S
  • Sept 14th – (Pre-Order day) Consumers stand to lose up to £20 just two days after the announcement
  • Sept 21st – (Launch day) Consumers stand to lose up to £45 just eleven days after the announcement
  • Oct 12th – Just one month after the announcement of the iPhone 5, consumers lost up to £99 off their iPhone 4S trade in value

CompareMyMobile advises consumers to avoid the sharp fall in value by trading sooner rather than later, revealing that the average recycle store will hold the quote they give once the order has been placed for 7-14 days.

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