Lets stores design the computer they want from scratch; service goes live on Monday

Target launches Custom PC Builder for resellers

Distributor Target Components has unveiled its new Custom PC Builder at its 2013 Open Day. 

The online wizard lets resellers build a computer, pick the parts they want for a specific customer and get it delivered to their store. They can save up to ten different builds using the system and order in specific quantities. 

Users are notified of any incompatibilities between parts, for example if a case isn’t large enough to fit certain components.

Target says it’s the only configurator available on the market that lets resellers build a PC truly “from scratch”, rather than having to choose a base system then pick the parts around that.

Target charges £15 per build, with the separate components available at list price. The service goes live on the Target website on Monday, September 16th.

MD Paul Cubbage told PCR: “The people who know what the spec is for their customers are the people selling them, so it’s about giving them the complete flexibility, rather than trying to fit our system to somebody’s requirement.

“Of course, configurators have been going for donkeys years, but they typically take a base system and you can only tweak that. This starts the process from scratch – they can start with a particular case, a particular graphics card, motherboard, processor, wherever they want to start. It’s a pretty complex bit of kit in the background.

“And when you look at what resellers would typically put into a build themselves, it’d be a damn sight more than £15. It gives our customers exactly what they need – rather than just picking whatever best fits.”

Target also hinted at future developments for the Custom PC Builder.

Cory Lees, product marketing executive at Target Components, said: “We believe we’re the only ones offering a Custom PC Builder that works from scratch.

“The next step is the quote system, with reseller branding and markup on it. Then it’ll be made available for resellers’ websites as and when they want them.”

Above: A PC on show at Target Open Day 2013 made using the Custom PC Builder

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