Bus will train resellers on Westcoast’s cloud proposition and Windows 8 refresh

Westcoast experience bus hits road to provide nationwide training

Westcoast’s experience bus is returning, and will travel across the UK to train its resellers.

The training will cover Westcoast’s cloud proposition, which includes Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SPLA, as well offering modules on the Windows 8 refresh.

With Windows XP support due to finish next year, Westcoast expects businesses to upgrade to Windows 8, and wants to ensure its resellers will offer their customers the best help possible.

Users can join the resellers while the bus is in town, receiving the training themselves.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunities this provides for our resellers. The last two iterations of the bus were well received in the channel, with the last tour being nominated for an award at WPC, we are sure this third tour will be able to offer new and better experiences for resellers,” said Ben Feurtado, Microsoft Business Manager at Westcoast.

“Our trainers will be delivering these hands on modules across all areas of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 365 so that each individual can experience what the new products are capable of. Most would agree that having the product you are selling in front of you is far more effective than listening to presentations at an event. This is an exciting year of product launches for Microsoft and Westcoast want to be at the forefront of sharing this with its customers.”

To register for a visit or see details about the Westcoast bus, see westcoastbus.co.uk. The bus can also be followed on Twitter using the hashtag #WestcoastCloudBus.

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