Colourful mix-and-match MiXiT accessories also revealed

Belkin launches colourful iPhone 5C armband and cases

Belkin has revealed its line of accessories and cases for the recently announced iPhone 5C.

The announced products include the Slim-Fit Plus armband, which allows users to strap the phone to their arm. The Neoprene armband, available in Blacktop and Gravel or Sorbet and Grapefruit colour schemes, also features “reflective accents for night time visibility.”

More conventional cases for the 5C were also unveiled. The Micra Shield case is a hard polycarbonate case with a metallic matte finish in Stone, Topaz or Silver colours.

The Micra Folio is a soft-touch case lined with suede grip, which comes in Belkin’s Blacktop colour.

Like the Folio, the Wallet case with stand is grip suede-lined, covered in Blacktop-coloured natural grain leather. Its cover operates as a stand, or can snap closed.

The Grip Sheer is a tinted soft-touch case with a wraparound frame to stop scratches, available in Clear or Stone. A Grip Sheer Matte option is also available.

Another case with a wraparound frame, the View Case has a clear polycarbonate back as well as the flexible grip frame. Colours include Blacktop, Topaz and Purple.

Following the iPhone 5C’s multi-coloured range, the Grip Candy Sheer case has a two-tone palette, tinting the soft-touch flexible material. The case comes in Blacktop or Topaz.

The Pocket Case has a slot for the user’s credit card, as well as a pull tab to open the case. Finished in Blacktop natural grain PU material.

Belkin also announced the MiXiT range of accessories, which includes cables, wall chargers and car chargers in six different colours. Belkin says that the accessories can be mixed and matched for unique customisation.

The cases range from £9.99 for the Grip Sheer case to £19.99 for the Slim-Fit Plus armband, Micra Folio, and Wallet case with Stand.

In-between is the Pocket case for £14.99 and the Grip Candy Sheer, View, Grip Sheer Matte and Micra Shield Matte for £17.99.

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