With just a few hours to go, the internet rumour mill has homed in on two main rumour pillars – the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C

What to expect from tonight’s Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch

Apple will host a lunch event tonight at 6.00pm GMT – which is widely expected to be for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Apple always likes to keep a few tricks up it’s sleeve – so you never know, we could even get something along the lines of an iWatch, an iPad Mini 2, or an iPad 5.

Or something totally different. But probably it will be two new phones and maybe a cheeky surprise as an extra.

Tim Cook, whose had a bit of heat recently for failing to come out with anything innovative (which we thought was a tad harsh) will hit the stage, and if tradition maintains will open with a bit of stat-based boasting.

Usually we’re told exactly how many songs have been downloaded in the last five minutes or something, to the perplexing, enthusiastic applause of the crowds in front of him.

After a bit of that we’ll eventually get the good stuff – a new iBlower. We just can’t say exactly what it will be called – technically Apple abandoned the numerical naming pattern for the last iPad – calling it the ambiguous ‘new iPad’.

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is expected next flagship phone. Anticipate some kind of internal upgrades (you’ll hardly be swayed to upgrade without them) and possibly some more far out updates like a fingerprint scanner.

Some touted updates include a longer battery life, a faster A7 Apple processor, and the inclusion of an extra flash that should help -LED flash that should improve low-light camera performance.

iPhone 5C

A lower cost, possibly multi-coloured iPhone is also expected – the iPhone 5C.

While this is against type for Apple’s usually premium only product set, such as move has been framed as a response to the plethora of low cost Android phones – and a spearhead to get into emerging markets.

The invitation for tonight’s event has a colourful theme, and has the cryptic sentence ‘this should brighten everyone’s day’ – which has widely been translated as a colourful phone.

We haven’t ruled out the iTorch yet.

iPad 5

We’re more or less due another iPad by this point, so could we see the iPad 5 pulled out the hat this evening? The answer is ‘yeah, maybe.’

Rumours of what the next iSlab will have:


More powerful processor

A thinner frame

More angular corners

Aluminium rear shell

Self-awareness and the concept of friendship

iPad Mini 2

Apple gained a great deal of success with the iPad Mini, so a sequel seems inevitable.

The most predominant rumour is that the iPad Mini 2 will have a Retina display – Apple’s HD screen found on the iPhone 5.

A quad core processor and more RAM has also been touted – which seems a dead cert.


Bitter rival Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch last week – will Apple counter with its own wrist-computer? The jury is split,

Rumours that the iWatch is being worked on were stoked by claims Apple hired a ton of engineering, design and marketing bods to that end – and that it had trademarked the name in Japan and Russia.

If it exists, it could resemble something like an iPod Nano which is synched to your phone. And Siri would no doubt play a big part – letting you bark order into your wrist like Dick Tracey. Which if you’ll be honest with yourself, is something you’re keen on doing.

iOS 7

Apple’s next mobile operating system was unveiled earlier this year, and is slated for a September release.

You can bet your bottom dollar it will feature on whatever devices are paraded out tonight.

The new operating system has been revamped by Johnny Ive – Apple’s design guru who helped mastermind a lot of the look of Apple’s hardware.

A lot of it will be a spruce up of the way it looks, but there are also new features expected such as an updated Siri.

We will of course bring you news of what ACTUALLY emerges as it happens – keep it dialled to PCR.

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