September 10th will see a big Apple launch, and the Apple iPhone 5S – AKA the iPhone Light, iPhone 5C, or budget iPhone – is widely expected

iPhone 5s release date, price, news, images, specs

The iPhone 5s is a rumoured smartphone widely speculated to be Apple’s next model.

This thus far fictional product runs along the just as rumoured iPhone 6, which could also be released by the firm.

Estimating new handsets isn’t a total finger in the air situation however – since Apple is fairly regular with its iPhone launches, and not entirely unpredictable with its numerical naming systems either.

To reiterate, both these handsets are pure rumour at this point. But the collective weight of analysis nose tapping, spec leaks and what have been interested as hints from Apple have painted something of a vague picture we might hope bears some accuracy to what Apple finally rolls out the door.

Just be prepared to read the word rumour a lot.

iPhone 5s release date

An Apple iPhone launch event has been confirmed for September 10th.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be the main reveal – since Apple will be due to launch a new flagship device then.

The colourful invitation comes with the tagline ‘this should brighten everyone’s day’ – which most have inferred means we’ll see a colourful model, maybe called the iPhone 5C unveiled as well.

iOS7 – Apple’s next mobile operating system – should emerge around this time too, so a joint launch would seem likely.

The event kicks off at 10am PT (US) and 6 pm (UK). Keep you’re dials tunes to PCR for all the news as it breaks.

iPhone 5s colours

Once of the most persistent rumours is that Apple will release an iPhone in multiple colours, whether it be called the iPhone 5s or iPhone Light – much like the Nokia Lumia 920/820 range.

This would go against the usually conservative design principles of iPhones past. The early ones didn’t even offer a white version.

However it did go ahead and release the rainbow for the iPod Nano range, so it wouldn’t be an entirely unprecedented move.

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iPhone 5s budget model?

Apple has historically been happy to sit at the high end of the phone market, hovering up lots of margin on the more expensive models, while Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia and the rest battle it out for lower ends of the smartphone market.

However internet tittle tattle is rife that the firm will come out with a cheaper phone. One of the earliest signs was that Tim Cook made a few vague hints earlier in the year towards that point, explaining how the iPod has dropped in price points dramatically over the years.

The rumours had existed before that, and the rationale behind them was that Apple would be able to sell them in developing markets, where cheaper Android and Nokia devices tend to do better.

Whether this will be the iPhone 5S or something else entirely (the iPhone 5C has begun to be banded around as a name) remains to be seen. If either emerge at all, of course.

iPhone 5s specs

A number of supposed pics and specs info have bubbled up online to various sources, some apparently from the factory floor.

The most consistent rumours involve a longer battery life, a faster A7 Apple processor, and the inclusion of an extra flash that should help -LED flash that should improve low-light camera performance.

Having said that, if the next model does happen to be some sort of lower cost model, it might not be a dramatic change.

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